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Clio 172 ecu

  Clio 172
Hello guys, I m new to this forum, did not found valid thread so i made a new one.
I have a clio mk2 172 (2003 year) with blown ecu, i can not found a new one near me but 182 ecu so what i want to do if possible can i put 182 ecu on 172, it will be decoded to car with new stock 172 map, so what concerns me is there some difference between these two ecu-s both are ems3134 some numbers on them are same some are similair, so if there is anyone who knows is it doable if not why is not if yes then great.
I appreaciate any help and thank you guys in advance.
  Clio 172
Uch is N3 type but you guys are a bit far away i m located in Europe BiH and i already bought 182 ecu because i need car running soon as possible i had ordered Ecu kit same as mine via DHL but never came from UK.


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