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Clio 172 electrical fault in wet issues with air intake

  Clio sport 172
So my senior has been showing an electrical fault in the morning for some time. The light will only come up when the car has sat for a couple of days, in wet or cold weather.

The fault affects the throttle somehow, when starting the engine the car revs itself from 2000 to 3000 on idle, it can be driven but stepping on gas won't affect it, basically drives on its own. I have discovered that the fault will go away once the car has been driven for a few minutes and warmed up. I then stop to turn the engine off, and with some luck the fault light will have gone off, I can then start the engine again and continue driving normally.

There seem to be no other issues with electrics, this car has survived a heavy winter and done brilliant even used as my daily to get me to work in snow storms etc.

Any idea what could cause it? I'd like to sort it before it gets worse or makes the car undriveable.
I can't ask the garage to check every wire in the car I'm afraid.
Many thanks


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