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Clio 172 gearbox rebuild cost ?

  Renault Clio 172 ph2
Hi everyone, just bought a ph2 172 cup I'm new to the group not to clued up with cars, I was wondering if anyone new where I can get my gearbox rebuilt in NORFOLK or as close as possible to Norfolk and how much it would be ? If I leave the car overnight there is a small patch of gearbox oil on the floor and the gearbox looks a little wet from underneath, it also crunches in 3rd and 4th at hi rpm and sometimes low rpm if I change gear to quick, any help or info greatly appreciated, thankyou !
  Renault Clio 172 ph2
That's cool with me bud how do I go about this then? Obviously get the box out then ship to you? What's the turn around time on it please, thanks !
  Clio 172
Hi everyone! , first post! Loving the 172, just want to get some bits sorted out on it! I’ll make it my own, then I’ll be uploading some pictures.

@NorthloopCup im having a similar gearbox problem from 2nd to 3rd. Any chance you can message me so we can make a plan?

Thanks Olly