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Clio 172 Induction Kit??????????????

  Clio 172 Mk2
I currently own a Clio 172 on a 01 plate. Am thinking of buying a Viper Kit for the car but am unsure are they any good? Or is there a better one out there?

If any one can help point me in the right direction I would be grateful.
  Vectra :(
Best doing a search mate, this has been covered and recovered more than times than the chicken and the egg story :D

But if you want my 2 cents stick to your OE airbox and buy a panel filter £40 and just as good as a viper IMO

Unless you want sound then go open cone
  133/225/CLS AMG
I had a Clio 172 (2003) and put a Green induction kit on it. Certainly made a great noise and felt a lot tighter when I put the standard air box back on. Might not get a power gain but you will probably feel a little more response.

My missus 182 also has a Green kit on and it feels just as good. :D :D