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Clio 172 ph1 rich fuel mixture on idle only

  Clio 172 ph1
Hello dear,
I bought a ph1 clio 172 2 months ago, been chasing problems ever since, ranging frim rough idle to engine stutters to icv being faulty.
Im from Israel, this car is pretty rare here and not many if at all know how to deal with its querks.
I have replaced the timing belt, water pump, spark plugs, icv unit, crankshaft sensor and lambda sensor.
The car playes with the rev's even when i press the gas pedal, the revs jump a little up and down. I have cleaned the map sensor and it suddenly stoped playing with the revs only to return the day after.
Got it hooked to an emmisions test machine (like the mot one) got 4% co 2 on idle (rich fuel mixture) which results in lumpy idle and rough second or two after setting off soon as i press the gas pedal the lambda kicks in and corrects it to 0.39%
I really dont know what to do next as there are no longer any fault codes.
Please advise if you can.
Also can anyone tell me the part number for the map sensor?