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Clio 172 Serious Vibration on the power at over 50mph

  Clio 172 PH2 (Y Reg)

Back in December I hit a curb which was covered by the snow (honest), this put a big whole in the tyre wall so I changed both front tyres and away I went.

Since I have noticed a slight vibration when on the power but it has got progressively worse?!?!

Now when I am on the power over 50mph or so it feels like the engine is trying to escape from the car and the whole car shakes like mad!! At first I thought it might be the Ktec engine mounts coming loose but this is not the case looked last night any they are all nice and tight.

Got it booked in at Kwit fit to have a look at the tracking / tyre / wheels to make sure everything is ok.

Does anyone else have any suggestions I can have a look at.




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  Evo 5 RS
overlooking your curb incident I'd say you've got a fecked/loose top engine mount.
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  Clio 172 PH2 (Y Reg)
The one on the left hand side as you look at the engine?? That is tight as, checked it all last night and its all sound, gave the engine and all mighty push back and form and it was solid as a rock!

  Clio 172 PH2 (Y Reg)
Been down to Kwik fit they put it up on the rams and have a look and shook the car around a bit, turns out my front disks have done and the drivers side ball joint has gone!

He recons that could solve the problem and as they need doing anyway best way to go at the moment if it fixes it jobs a good up!

Will keep you posted!