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Clio 172 Track Car Setup

  Renault Clio 172
Hi All,
New here and recently purchased a Clio 172 to do track days in with a mate. Car had steering wheel to one side when we purchased it.

Bought a set of Federal RSR's to stick on which my local Qwik Fit did for us, asked them if they could have a look at the setup sheet the guy had previously had done at TrackTorque and try set the car up to that while they were there, but forget it they were useless and after two hours had only adjusted the toe.

So steering wheel straight we went away and notice it still pulling to one side slightly, but looking at the read out the camber was all off.

Can anyone recommend a good place in or around Lincoln to get this set up properly.

  Renault Clio 172
Could do but that's North Yorkshire way I believe. There must be somewhere more local that sets them up for track that someone could recommend...


ClioSport Club Member
Get a set of camber bolts installed first then take it to one of the garages below for a Hunterhawk eye alignment asking for as much negative camber on both sides as possible but equal, you'll normally get around -2.3 max and then ask for the front toe to be set around -0.06 each side -0.12 total, see below alignment for reference, forget the rear as it cant be adjusted as standard, but if it is way out then you'll need shims to correct.,49.169734,1.735840,59.435766&radius=50

  Renault Clio 172
Thanks for that, below is our setup as it stands, to me seems all over the place. Camber seems too far off at the front, set of camber bolts for the front then?
Rear also off but how far is too far off? Camber shims required to fix from my limited research....



ClioSport Club Member
From the above yeah camber bolts for the front just to get them equal more than anything as its over 1 degree out on the left. I'd leave the rear TBH as its only 0.30 out on the left, you could shim the right with a 0.5 degree shim but that would make the right camber 0.2 out then.


ClioSport Club Member
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That front toe was waaaay out! Haha

Make sure nothing is best, because that front camber was quite a bit out too.
  Renault Clio 172
Yeah, don't think the guy at qwik fit liked us. That's why was after some ones recommendation really in and around Lincoln to sort it out. Will try my luck somewhere else then after I've got a set of camber bolts. Strangely when I took the front wheel off, no camber bolts so not sure how this was adjusted by the previous owner at track torque, no sign of the rusty old bolts that were on there having a spanner round them.


ClioSport Club Member
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Like james says the toe is out, must drive a bit crap?

Front camber can be adjusted, and the rears as above.
  Renault Clio 172
not too bad actually, slight pull to left, not a lot, much better than it was. Yet to take it round a track yet, but will definitely get the front camber sorted, then go from there.