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clio 182 engine rebuild

  renault clio 182
who has paid for an engine rebuild? how much did you pay for parts and where did you get them from? did you do it self ? looking for help guys !
I am just starting down this road ….. after an aux belt followed by cam belt failure at 7000rpm
so all 16 valves are bent but it seems that the head and bottom end are still OK :smile:
garage quoted me 2600euros !!!
and I can't chuck that kind of money into a 2005 clio …. even if it a nice car …. so DIY or bin it!!!

I've got a quote to recon the head, incl valves and hydraulic train and shipping both ways for 260 quid
add to that gasket set, head bolts, cam belt kit, aux belt kit, dephaser pulley, plastic cover for cam belt plus some tools and you're upto about a grand ….. let's hope I don't screw up bolting it together...