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  1. O

    RS 197 Engine Rebuild - Tolerances / Running Clearances

    My dad and I are looking to rebuild the engine in my 197 soon. All to OE spec. I'm currently looking for a list of standard tolerances for everything. I've come across R3 specs, but these look to be larger than those of standard road going engines... I'm assuming to cope with the higher heats...
  2. fowlerboy7

    Just about getting the 182 back together FINALLY!

    Hi guys, thought I'd share some pics of how my 182 rebuild is coming along... Mainly as the sports seem to have all died off around South Wales area! :cry: So, purchased it at the start of 2016 on around 40k miles, completely standard, every stamp in the book, all MOT paperwork, and a reciept...
  3. GrahamV182

    Gearbox repair kit .... any recommendations?

    The car is a 2005 Clio 182 cup..... it jumped out of first gear last weekend and I think it can only get worse. I have a break from competition for a few weeks so now seems a good time to refresh the 'box. I'm thinking of a kit that includes at a minimum some new bearings, synchos and seals...
  4. J

    clio 182 engine rebuild

    who has paid for an engine rebuild? how much did you pay for parts and where did you get them from? did you do it self ? looking for help guys !
  5. James363

    Gearbox rebuild/upgrade advice

    Hi, I'm wanting to rebuild my gearbox in a couple of months, but as my car is going to be used predominantly on rallies I want to upgrade from the current box to something better. Ideally I would go sequential, but I don't think I can afford it (not found someone selling one yet) so I am...