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  1. D

    Remote lock not working - Clio 2 phase1 1.4 16v

    Hello to everyone! New member and new owner of an old Clio 2 phase1 here. I just got the car and the remote lock-unlock doesn't work (from both keys, the 2nd doesn't even get read properly from immo cause car doesn't start with it). The previous owner warned me about that though. I tried the...
  2. O

    Clio 182 will not start - video below

    Hi everyone! So annoyingly I have owned this 182 for just over a month. The car will bump start no issue but will not turn on with the key. I have attached a video below. There seems to be one click that seems to come from passanger side fuse box and then one that comes from the engine bay...
  3. C

    2007 Clio 3 1.4 starting problems

    Hello everyone, I am encountering some really weird starting problems with my MK3 Clio. I've searched all over but haven't found anything related to this actual behaviour. When i try to start it, no MIL/check engine comes on, only the airbag and ABS and the lovely key light; immo stays solid...
  4. Terrum

    Tips on 'Big 3' upgrade

    I'm looking to do the 'Big 3' electrical upgrade on my 2010 Renault Clio 1.2 16V i-Music. This is where the cables for the alternator positive, alternator/engine negative and battery negative are replaced/added with higher gauge ones, for car audio and potentially better horsepower etc. Does...
  5. C

    Car wouldn’t start, but battery and alternator are good?

    Hello, I’m new to this forum. I’ve just bought a 1.1 2008 Renault Clio to get me around while a crash claim I was in gets sorted out. It was off a family friend and was pretty cheap as the clutch was on its way out. Ive drove the car around 4-5 times, it’s not insured untill September but I’ve...
  6. B

    brake light switch?

    Hi, i have a 2004 Clio 1.4... i have seen it's a relatively common issue, but the brake lights dont come on at all unless my foot is fully depressed to the floor, basically an emergency brake! I have had the brakelight switch changed, this did not solve the issue.... any ideas what else it...
  7. E

    Clio 172 electrics died whilst driving

    Hi chaps, On saturday me and my missus went and picked up a 172 Clio for her as a new daily (she doesnt do much mileage) and all was honky doory, however, we had done about 17 miles (wet evening), I was just putting the high beams on and bam, all of the dash lights went out, the radio went out...
  8. ClioDude55

    Clio only runs for a few secs!

    You I have a 1,2 16v 2002 Clio. I have taken the valve cover off with the intake and all the wiring. Plugged everything back in and now my car only works a few secs with the electrical light on and dies when the light goes out followed by a ticking noise under the left headlight. I have the code...
  9. Andy_in_Ireland

    how do you remove wiper stalk on a Clio 2?

    hiya - how would i remove wiper stalk on a 2002 clio 2 ? - can i replace it without having to take off steering wheel? - can i just remove top and bottom steering column cowls and just remove some screws and take the wiper stalk out or do i have to remove steering wheel? cheers
  10. S

    Removing %&^$((^ trim clips!

    Just bought a 2007 Expression and the boot light appears to have gone AWOL. There's an aperture for it, but no light and fishing around in the hole is too tight for my sausage-like digits. I assume it's either been removed or it's fallen down the back, but no sign of a connector. Trying to get...
  11. S

    Removing the £$%@&%@ trim clips!

    Just bought a 2007 Expression and the boot light appears to have gone AWOL. There's an aperture for it, but no light and fishing around in the hole is too tight for my sausage-like digits. I assume it's either been removed or it's fallen down the back, but no sign of a connector. Trying to get...
  12. D

    Ignition Problem!

    Hi, hoping someone can point me in the right direction with my 182 ignition problem. Clio 182 2005 A couple of weeks ago, when i turned my ignition off, the key turned fully and removed from the barrel, however the engine continued to run, and all the lights were lit up on the dash, as...
  13. Joe Wootten

    Strobing Headlights (Fault)

    Looking for someone to cast some light on a problem i've got with my 182, Past few days my headlights have been going on and off, you can hear the relay in the passenger foot-well going crazy, ive changed the relay and no luck with that and now today its started messing with the wipers and...
  14. L

    Clio 182 Heater Matrix & Fuses

    I was wondering if a fellow RS enthusiast could help me please? Before going any further I just want to apologise for the long thread and say that I'm competent with Renault Sports and the F4R engine, however as people will sympathise, part of the quirk of owning them is that they can throw a...
  15. Andy_in_Ireland

    Clio 2 fan blower resistor pack

    Our clio 2 interior fan speed only works on speed 4 - have pulled out the resistor pack from the blower motor underneath the bonnet and traced it to the thermal fuse being the problem. I shorted it out and all 4 speeds work with it shorted. Was so tempted to solder a wire on , leave it...
  16. C

    Horn Wiring

    Hi, At the moment I've got two horns, the standard horn and an air horn. They're both on different circuits and different switches. (The original horn on the steering wheel and a dash mounted push button). I want to have both horns operated on the steering wheel horn button. So I was thinking...
  17. M

    Central locking button inside not working

    Hi, I own a Renault Clio 1.4 16v 02'. Since I bought the car, the central locking button inside the car doesn't do anything, it doesn't even make a noise as if the doors are locking, it's the same story with the key. In short the only way I can lock the car is by manually putting the key in to...
  18. J

    How To Make An LED Work In The Interior Light

    I was changing out my interior bulb today and ran into a problem I have see on a different thread, where an led bulb swap in the interior light doesn't fully work in all modes (when doors open light auto turns on etc.). I got a multi meter and measured the voltage and found that when switching...
  19. IRD05

    2007 Clio 1.2tCE Battery Issues

    Evening all, First post so go easy on me please! :) I have a 57 Reg 1.2tCE Clio which today decided - out of nowhere - to not fire. Was driven all day yesterday, driven to work this morning all fine, then in the afternoon I went out to it and all kind of electrical hell had broke loose...
  20. Oddesy

    Clio 172 Cup Immobiliser/ECU/Key issue

    I've seen a few threads like this now so apologies if I'm repeating what others have already posted, but I cant seem to find a solution and they don't 100% relate to the issue I'm currently having. So my car has been a bit temperamental when starting, most of the time its fine and starts first...
  21. J

    Clio MK3 headlight fuse

    After changing one bulb, the other appeared to blow. Took it out and the bulb was fine so presuming a fuse has gone. Anyone know the location for the fuse box and headlight fuse in a MK3 1.4???
  22. A

    Passenger Window Fault ph2 182

    ive just got my 182 and the drivers side window works perfectly but the passenger window doesnt go all the way down it only goes 3/4....anyone know of any problems or what can be wrong and how i could fix this....cheers