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Clio 182 j&r driveshafts?

  182 clio
Looking into getting some new shafts these seem to be the cheapest ones I could find.
At some point in the next few months I will be gathering parts for a turbo conversion so would like to just refresh a few bits n bobs before I do this.

My Clio has original shafts and sitting on 117k.

As always any advice will be kindly received.


ClioSport Club Member
o/s gaitor can split easily but for the price just get another one

Also dont call them up if you dont have to, women on the phone 'has been doing this for over 10 years' and when told that they sent the wrong side, that in fact it does actually fit and if theres a problem to send a ticket in to the 'technical department'

ste 193

ClioSport Club Member
  Clio 182
I ran these on my last clio which was turbo’d, ran 345bhp and had no issues driving enthusiastically on track.

I’m about to order another set for a budget track 182 I brought last week.