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Clio 182 LED size?


ClioSport Club Member
  2003 Clio 172
A Kit I purchased to change mine just came with ordinary through hole LEDs for the window switches and and central locking etc. Not sure on the AC controls


ClioSport Club Member
  Goodwood Green '01
I did mine a few months ago (Kit from CrazyLeds) and the Door Locks, central locking and heated windscreen button (assuming clio MK2) are 3mm (specifically flat tops in the kit). The speedo dials are PLCC-2's but the mileage read out had 1206's supplied (the CD player also had 1206's supplied).

The kit is very well packaged with plenty of spares and detailed email instructions if you are doing the conversion, well worth the piece of mind but that's my two cents though. Hopefully somebody knows for sure what the Aircon is.