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  1. tauri

    Clio MK3 ph1 - 2006 - LED H7

    Is there anybody who installed LED headlight bulbs to a Renault Clio mk3 ph1 1.4 with projector headlights? I would like to know if the LEDs fit in the enclosure and if there were any problems in general..
  2. B

    Why the interior lights dont work?

    I have a Clio mk4 and my trunk light was the original halogen bulb but I didnt like it so I bought 5w5 led and I was trying to put it to the socket. I plugged in the connector but the bulb went off a little, and I was sooo dumb and I was trying to put back the bulb with a flathead scrwedriver...
  3. B

    Clio 4 tce90 +light signal

    Hey guys. Wondering if anyone has mounted a LED strip as aux light on their Clio 2015 ? I am trying to figure out where I can steal the high beam signal to my relay for LED bar but I cant seem to figure out where the 12V comes from?! Am I extra slow or is there a canbus of some sort ? Any...
  4. C

    Clio 182 LED size?

    Can anyone let me know the LED sizes I'll need to convert the dash? I know the cluster uses PLCC-2 LED's but what does the AC and door lock etc. use?
  5. B

    Interior light change

    Hi, I've tried to change the lights on the interior but they are not budging. The middle one seemed easy but the outer two won't come out, I've used pliers, taken the section out to try pushing them out from behind, but I can't due to the little metal conductor. This may sound stupid but it's a...
  6. D

    LED headlight into mk2 clio

    Hello everyone! I recently ordered a pair of h7 led headlight bulbs (, got a pair of h7 hid adapters as well, but now I'm clueless how they would fit together, i can't push through the actual bulb bit through the metal plate, and it doesn't sit flush...
  7. N

    LED Dashlight Conversion

    So today I took apart my entire dash, which was a pain. After getting it completely off to replace with new LED bulbs I bought online I came to realise I bought the completely wrong ones, and I also need to solder them in. I was just wondering what the best bulbs are to buy and where to get...
  8. J

    How To Make An LED Work In The Interior Light

    I was changing out my interior bulb today and ran into a problem I have see on a different thread, where an led bulb swap in the interior light doesn't fully work in all modes (when doors open light auto turns on etc.). I got a multi meter and measured the voltage and found that when switching...
  9. Jaker27

    Clio MK4 1.2 16V 2013 fuses and courtesy light

    Hi. Unfortunately I'm in the bad books with the girlfriend at the moment... Essentially I tried replacing her interior lights with LED bulbs to modernise the interior a bit. However, I think half way through I blew a fuse or two. I've tried replacing them (fuses 12 and 35 per the manual) but now...
  10. D

    Clio Mk2 Ph2 Clock not working.

    Hi there, im new to posting on this, i have a 1.2 16v extreme, paid £400 and constantly keep finding issues. after thinking of getting rid of it i thought of becoming a bit of a clio fan! anyway.. on my car there is a new aftermarker stereo in place but all works correctly and never fails. the...