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  1. F

    Drum size conversion from 203 to 180

    So I did a cheap/stupid thing today Bought new brake drums & shoes for my mk2 and they are visibly smaller. Like don’t even need to open the box smaller. In my rush to buy them before they’re out of stock again, I bought the 180mm drums but I have the 203mm drums. I didn’t even take the wheel...
  2. C

    Clio 182 LED size?

    Can anyone let me know the LED sizes I'll need to convert the dash? I know the cluster uses PLCC-2 LED's but what does the AC and door lock etc. use?
  3. Raceface_13

    Stud conversion=Death?

    Hey guys, Seen a lot of posts (especially recently) about wheel stud conversions failing and loosing a wheel on track, even after being torques up after each session etc. Are some people unlucky or doing something wrong or are they still a safe thing to do? want to do mine for spacers and ease...
  4. N

    LED Dashlight Conversion

    So today I took apart my entire dash, which was a pain. After getting it completely off to replace with new LED bulbs I bought online I came to realise I bought the completely wrong ones, and I also need to solder them in. I was just wondering what the best bulbs are to buy and where to get...
  5. RevLimitUK

    RevLimit Clio RS200 Meg 230 conversion

    Hi Folks , here is a Clio 3 RS200 Megane 225/230 conversion we have recently done for a customer here at RevLimit Tuning. Everything was done in house fabrication , wiring , coding and rolling road mapping. The spec was :- 2005 Megane 225 engine, gearbox , driveshafts , intercooler, loom and...
  6. CSSMerkage

    Clio 182 Z20LET 2.0T Conversion

    Hi all, Finally got round to sorting out pictures from my project car, here to share them if anyone is interested. A mate had a Z20LET converted Corsa C which I got involved with, and another had a 182, one thing led to another and here we are. Rebuilt the Vauxhall Z20LET engine from an Astra...
  7. C

    197/200 Brembo Conversion - Wheel Fitment Guide

    Hello Can someone please help me confirm a list of what wheels fit on the Pure Motorsport 197/200 Brembo conversion for the 172/182 ? Specifically, can someone please comment on if the 16" +38mm Team Dynamics 1.2s will fit or if a spacer is required So far I have found the following: 16"...
  8. beeched

    Clio Extreme to 172 conversion.

    I have just bought my second Clio. a 2003 1.2 Extreme. I would like to get a 172 kit on it. Do all phase 2 Clio's have plastic wings? This one has them, it also has clear side repeaters., I have a suspicion it may already have 172 wings on it?Do they look like 172 wings? Anyhow, I would like to...
  9. J

    new engine

    Hi guys and merry christmas, I have recently purchased a clio 172, phase 2. The car has covered 107k. Now when i say recently purchased im talking 700 miles ago...and the engine has decided to throw in the towel, and is sat on the drive kicking its heels, its running 3 cylinders so may not be...