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Clio 197 owners-FYI

  Weeman sucks ****
Not sure if they're in production yet but stumbled across this. An H&R dealer.

Much better, doubt it's 30mm though lol.



ClioSport Club Member
  Extreme mode
could you not just hoof off the h&R platform set up, and say run apex or what ever conventional spring with the H&R rear dampers?

opens up more options then?
  Weeman sucks ****
True, H&R do make tons of variations though. It's finding a supplier, will try these above when I get a chance...and some cash.


I thought the one thing the 197 really had going for it was it's superior handling and grip so why would you want to risk compromising it with some aftermarket springs on standard dampers ?
I understand the same argument could easily be claimed for all Clio RS's but the real big plus coming back from the 197 is that the handling is amazing so surely it's as good as you need on British roads


Loony said:
Compromising it by fitting H&R's ? Put the crack down son!
I agree when were talking 172/182, but I thought the setup of the 197 was supposed to be exceptional, most of the reviews I've read have all said they were glad Renault hadn't resorted to the 'slammed' look and actually taken time to develop a proper setup with suspension travel even if it resulted in a gap in the arches and that the standard dampers/springs were much much better than the standard dampers/springs on the 172/182 (excluding the Trophy)
Bottom line is compramises are made with OE suspension on things like ride comfort, clearance and cost. So as good as the standard suspension may be i dont for one second beleive it cannot be improved upon.