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Clio 200 Cup

  Range Rover Sport
Just ordered a GW 200 Cup With Recaros and Black Speedlines. Delivery in week 2/3 January! Its going to be a long wait but worth it i guess ;)
  500 Twinair
Saw one at a meet yesterday, didnt have the speedlines, but looked very nice, is growing on me but the front is still questionable.
I've yet to see an alien green one.
  Range Rover Sport
Alien Green was my next choice in colour but ive never saw it in the flesh allthough on pictures it looks immense imo so i chose GW quite the 'in' colour atm. Will be sad to see the RB go but i hope the 200 wont rattle as much ;)
  Better than yours. C*nt.
White is too common now - will be out of fashion mid-next year I suspect.

Nice sounding car though. Pics when it arrives!
  GW RS200
Nice one! I also have a GW on order. Think that wait sounds bad?! You might be doing well only having to suffer 8 weeks - I'm in my 11th painful week now >.<
A dude had a white one at the meet yesterday. I quite like it.

- will I come round to the 200 ? Who knows.