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Clio 200 future values

  Clio 197
Hi all

what value do people think the 200’s will drop to? 197 levels or will they always stay higher?

being so marmite but also so rare, do you think alien green will keep its value more?

reason I ask is I’m on the look out for an alien green 200 and interested in any crystal balls out there. Will the 200’s be collectible in the future like the 182 trophy’s?


ClioSport Club Member
  Mint 1*2's for sale-
They will be worth pro rata the same when the age is net net the same.

The only collectable one will be the Raider.

Residuals will stay higher on Storm grey & Alien Green due to demand & availability
So price wise if you have a standard 197 now on say 60k worth 3-3500
Pro rata when a 200 is 12-14 years old a 60 alien Green with Recaros will be worth ~£5/5500....
  Clio 197
Pretty much what I thought, thanks guys :)

My brother used to own a clio 172 about 10 years ago and I drove And enjoyed it quite a lot. Is the 197/200 just a slightly heavier But more modern version, but equally as fun?


ClioSport Club Member
The 197 will drop below the 182 and 172 Cup because people have always held those up as the pure hot hatch.

Hard to say where the 200 will end up, it's the last of the big engined N/A hot Clio's which may hold some sway.
I guess it depends on where Renault take the RS Clio, if they f**k it off altogether than that would be good for residual 200 values.