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clio 200

  clio 172 cup
i have now sold my 172 cup and been looking for a new car for a couple of month now seen a 200 on the net before for about 12k whos got one and do you think they are worth it. i have got 6k and will just get loan or finance but just thinken for 12k could get civic type r focus st or a vxr corsa or astra.
  Swift Sport
Get a testdrive in everything you fancy and decide for youself mate, don't let us tell you! :)
  clio 172 cup
a will do mate just dont no if a want to spend that much on a car every car i have had was payed for and am not to keen on get a loan ect.


  Clio 200 Cup
Mine has just clicked over 1000 miles, and i love it!!!

Mine is now on 1500 miles and getting better by the day, having previously come from a long line of hot Hondas it's certainly better than an EP3 CTR ;)
  GTD, Lupo
I know there is a and they cover the 200 but would anyone be interested in a 200 based club or is there just too many clubs? Would be happy to give it a go depending on numbers.