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clio 5 turbo

If you put a tuned 5GTT lump in their itll be a feckin rocket!!! Jon from TT has in fact got an RT with a tuned 5GTT engine in it and it cains 16vs!!!

Try also FiveAlive - theyve done it too. I think it actually went into a 1.8 RT or RSi shell (so the brakes etc were OK) - and the job was for a Policeman!!!:p

I think its or Theyre in London.

cherrs mate ill try them too. the brakes and that are ok there off a 19 16v so they shud cope but the car is very low i was just thinking it my need lifting up with that much bhp

NOOOOOOOOOO!! Dont go near 5 Alive!!!!! :cry:

I dont care where you DO get it done, just make sure you DONT get it done at 5 Alive!!! They suck arse!!! :mad:

Have you ever seen that car after the conversion I think not. Donot use 5alive. They done one and f**ked it up. Go to Torsion, I seen all the conversions and the work is very good. Someone from the renault sports club has just had a conversion there and it has a proven 125 at the wheels.

Like glen said call JOHN from torsion your regert it if you dont