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clio campus sport

  clio campus sport woo hoo
whats the highest hp i can gt out of my 56 plate campus 1.2 16v??? n wat would i have to do ??? any idea r welcome cheers :d
Best idea value for money wist is to stick a new engine in it nothing else is value for money efficient.
However if you want
Manifold back exhaust system
Cold air intake and panel filter.
remap it to take account fo the extra minimal fueling
drive it very very very hard for loads of miles
For real speed get the suspension modified Fks are the popular choice and you'll go round bends quicker.

Strip the car out completly of any excess weight
change the oils in engine ever 3k or so. and gearbox ever 15k or so
not another................ yawn! Its a 1.2 forget about making it fast. If you can afford the insurance get a 172 otherwise build up no claims on your 1.2 till you can afford to insure one. Some basic mods could make it more fun to drive. Decat/induction kit, gains are negligible but it makes it sound good :)

Best thing to concentrate on is handling. apex 60mm suspension kit. Good value, 60mm drop. makes the car look and handle much better.
  clio campus sport woo hoo
nice one i was goin 2 buy a 172 182 bu i couldnt gt insurance on 1 4 a 17 yr old :mad: :p haha soo looks like i gt 1 try n boost it up some how :p:( :(
Like i say. Lower it on a suspension kit. Just don't make the mistake everyone makes and throw too much money at it (just like i have) although mine is a 1.4 16v i still wish i had just lowered and colour coded it. Then all the spare cash could have gone towards insuring+buying a 172/182.


ClioSport Club Member
mine has apex -60mm suspension kit, 130,000 miles of running in, i change oil every 6k for decent stuff, gets hammered regularly, EBC GreenStuff brake pads, only engine performance mods are induction mods (airbox modified for maximum airflow and hks pannel filter) and mine flys for what it is!

get some 195/50/15 tyres on your standard 15" wheels too (or other 15" wheels you like, but stick to 15")

like yourself im only 17 and the car suits me perfectly, yep id love more power but it handles like no other car ive ever been in (been in loads of hot hatches that supposedly handle well ;)) its cheap to tax and insure, and im a lot less likely to kill myself in it