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Clio could sell today !!!

Just had a call asking about my clio and he could come today to view.

Just brought all new 172 pedals and foot rest door handles and white dials.

If i sell will anyone be interested in buying these ?
I was selling it and then decided not to and still has couple of days left on auto trader and someone has just called and willing to come today.

So if the clio goes so has the pedals and dials.
Think anyone will be interested.

Official clio 172 pedals picking them up monday also with foot rest megane 225 matches the pedals.
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when you get em. take some pics and put a thread in the for sale section on here. See how much interest you get?
Im only 18 and would love a 172 but to much insurance id be happy with a replica thats why i was buying the pedals to do it as a replica.

Do you think i could turn the exterior into a 172 replica and you wouldnt notice ?
My dads mate has a renault salvage and ive been there i picked up my door handles and dial needles and cilver cover loads of 172 stuff.

But im happy to keep the clio if it doesnt sell.

Because i will done all the interior near enough just need some mats and new gear knob , got the 182 interior etc.

The exterior is nice and standard just got the new rear clio lights.

Finally need some 172 5 spoke alloys to complete it.

It all adds up but once complete i will be happy
Nah im not looking to make it a 172 replica just a smart looking clio.

The only over thing i might add is the headlights thats all.