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Clio Cup Brochure

Is there such a thing as a dedicated brochure for the Clio Cup. I have picked up a normal CLio Brochure which includes an overview of each model, but was thinking there must be a brochure for just Renault Sport cars etc...





rob its a leaflet not a brochure the price list has more info than that!!

nothing in there thats any use the "mods" are fake and the info is obvious


i beg to differ, the info about the fictitious upgrades is useful..not! oh, and that 14.8 standing quarter is ok for those in the air con club..,.


Ive got the cup brochure Its a whole eight pages long and a fold out bit.

I also have the clio accessories brochure as well!!!!!

Its a special edition so you cant really expect a full on brochure.

Is there anything good in that accessories brochure?

There is a sports kit, alloys, roof racks, some nice clio door sill protectors, baby seats, alarm, reversing sensor, car phone kits, sat nav, a sony stereo and a cuddley toy!!! Its also got all the prices and part nos