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Clio Cup - unstoppable!

  182 cup

Am forum newbie - so hello!!

I am giving consideration to both the Cup and the latest 172, but am torn between the 172s refined "air-con & ABS etc." versus something a bit more evo like the Cup.

However, no ABS in UKs increasingly wet & miserable weather makes the Cup a bit of a daunting prospect... My current car has ABS and it has definately saved some scrapes :)

Do you/Renault/anyone know of any official braking distance figures in wet & dry for Cup Vs 172?

And, do you have any ideas of how much a Renault/after-market ABS kit might be?

Cheers - am test driving a Cup in a weeks or so, will let you know how i get on.

Hello Mr Gifford!

Had the same worries meself before ordering my Cup over a 172 import. I have been told that although Renault have taken off ABS to give a lighter weight and a greater "Race car feel" the brake pads have themselves been uprated so hopefully youll not notice too much difference. Just try not to lock them up!

P.S. This new forum is like making love to a goat.....wierd at first but you get used to it.

....the reason for abs is that it dabs the brakes when they try to lock up so that the cars stopping distance is theoretically reduced. it also allows the car to be steered under heavy braking without the fear of a skid. however, it does not make the stopping distance shorter unless the brakes are locked. efficiency of braking is basically related to momentum (the mass & speed of the vehicle) and the available grip.