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clio cup

Hopefully will be ordering a clio cup this weekend, if the sale of my car goes through. Does anybody actually know how many are left and are any import companies selling them.

As mentioned before there are not a limited number on sale. they are just shipping them at about 250 a time which will obviously affect your ordering time.

dont think youll miss out!

They were supposed to be coming out in the uk first but with all the delays, there prolly wont be much in it. I got 1000 quid off mine through autobytel. the car is still main dealer sourced. I noticed in top gear they have a best price listed of around 10800 for the cup, from an eu source, but dont know where. i tried the top gear website but couldnt get any leads..if youre more persistent than me youll prolly get down near 11k.


Thanks for your help fellas, been offered a cup for £12,150 off a uk renault dealer which i dont mind paying especially after the test drive but anymore off would be great. Keep getting the usual blag off the dealer telling me i must be quick before they all go. I know heard it all before just do not want to miss out as only 400 are coming across.

Sounds like hes trying to clinch the sale with you Jabs! Just play it cool as youll always be able to get hold of one so go for the best deal. wish Id done that now!

Erm - unfortunately at the minute only 500 are being allocated to the UK and a total of 2500 to Europe overall, so if u dont pick up one of these batch u may or may not get one if they dont decide to make anymore - theyre not as common as the standard 172 at least not to start with. Renault are only required to sell 500 in the UK to get Group N homologation - that what the official brochure and my dealer told us when we ordered - as did Renault sport when I phoned! So u should maybe think about geting one soon!

That was also the case when I bought mine. However, I now believe from hearing various accounts that this was just a clever piece of marketing! They may only ship an original 500 to the UK but if sales are good enough there is no reason why they wont ship another 500! they have not classed it as a limited edition model.

Curses....I wanted a rare car!

Oh yeah I know it probably wont be limited but it seems people are catching on tom this marketing ploy and realising ur actually getting nothing for your money! This possibly will mean that they might not even sell all of the first 2500 in Europe! Look at the ford racing puma - its rare as now because it had serious marketing faults ! Put it like this it will be limited compared to standard 172s I guarantee there will never be that many sold of the Cup compared to a 172 and it will stand out more!

you dont have to sell it to me chap as have already bought one!

I hope youre right as dont want a common car, its what attracted me to it is that its just that little bit different!

Nice one Sangy - itll be a case in a few months of "Oh u havent got leather, must be a clio 172 cup then.... "lol

hmmmmm...only one point to talk about....

Group N homologation....wat does the cliocup have theat teh std clio hasnt....or vise versa. In group N state, all the differences will be negated as you CAN run custom suspension as long as they use teh OE mounts. and yuo can basically get round anything that teh cup is meant to solve. Like lighter glass....!!??

um, ABS and aircon will obviously not be run on a race car!!!

so, all great marketing...saying that, if it is faster to 100..i would rather have it than my 172.....but the inside is a bit pants....LOL

Yup - it is faster to 100 - official figure is 16.9 secs but if 172 owners claim to have knocked a few seconds of there official 0-100 dash then I imagine the cup should do it mighty quick maybe high 15s or low 16s! Quarter mile dash from ) takes 14.8 - but I imagine a well run in one will do 14 - now that s quick!!

The thing is that no one really knows what sort of time the Cup is going to produce? Best way to settle this one for someone to take their Cup up the strip! not doing mine til santa pod next year as cant be arsed to drive all the way up to York!

Get up there you Cuppies!

Read the official brochure

Standing quarter mile = 14.8 secs !!!! Quote unquote and if 172s beat their official figures then why shouldnt the cup?

Well, maybe we shouldnt underestimate the Cup - its not just a striped out 172 - its quicker to 60, quicker to 100, quicker in gears and does a quarter mile drag in 14.8 - but ill do it in less as will most other cup owners - go and get a brochure from renault - its lovely!

To set the record straight, we have never said that it would be a limited production run. There needs to be 2,500 sold in Europe for homologation but there is no limit to the number that will be sold. We originally secured 1000 for the UK and we have said that we will now take as many as we can get as in the UK is that we have sold the most by far, 386 as of today.

Quote: Originally posted by Jeremy Townsend on 26 September 2002

To set the record straight, we have never said that it would be a limited production run. There needs to be 2,500 sold in Europe for homologation but there is no limit to the number that will be sold. We originally secured 1000 for the UK and we have said that we will now take as many as we can get as in the UK is that we have sold the most by far, 386 as of today.
Homologation for what!!!?

there is no homologation difference between teh 172 and cup.

also....i think we should not OVERESTIMATE the cup too....its gonna be brill, and deffo faster than the 172 but not by any hugely substantial margin.

nope....they are made to order.

and we would only sell about 2.....

its too hot her and a car without aircon will not sell.

its got no will not sell

its got no abs.....wont sell

no spare ally.....

no UV glass, HID lights etc etc etc...

basically, we would have to sell it for 50% less to get sales.....not worth it at all.....

haha!! do you thikn the HK market is picky?

personally, i think they are thick as pig sh*te.....they think Jap cars are stylish and reliable!!! get the hell outa town!

I have a 172cup on order, my uncle works at a dealership so i got mine for £10175, hehehe :D

As far as the differences between a 172 and a CUP, well, I am going to miss leather and no a/c, but I wanted the colour sooo bad. It does stand out, and when its had a custom exhaust, induction kit, tints and been dropped on its ass, its going to stand out a fair bit above the competition

competition = nov-oh / cors-oh /saxo-oh) ;)

I am also led to believe there are only going to br 500 shipped out here, not too arsed cos I dont reckon that many people are going to buy it. Main reason being if you are a scally, you cant afford it. If you are old enough to afford insurance and a fast car, you probably want leather and air/con. So that leaves us who can afford and want something different the only people who are going to buy em.

least, thats the theory anyway!

just joking!!!

anyway, i think all is fab.....except the exhaust....

i would get a K-tec slash cut system.....(i recommended them to make it.....and proud of it! LOL)

alternatively....i am having a race team who race in teh cliocup series to make a copy of the orbisound system as its 900 quid!!!

that would fit with the racer look!

also, our custom coilovers would help with teh lowering...adj. spring platforms, cliocup billie inserts and camber bolts.

can you explain to me what coilovers actually do? I want to get the clio lowered but have never messed with suspension at all, would i need strut braces to?



basically, coilovers are std suspeneion tuves with a thread round it. 2.5" springs sit on adjustable platforms which can move up and down to alter height/corner weights.

they also have tender springs to avoild dislocation.....

that also have the cliocup non sdj. bilstien inserts in the tubes.....

rears are the same and get rid of the springs in axle cups.

the kit comes with a strut brace.

Went to my dealers in Belfast yesterday to see the showroom cup they just got in - absolutely lovely, totally different to the standard 172 and the paint finish - changed to a purpley flip in the sun! Nothing wrong with the interior - kept the colour scheme all a dark charcoal colour and the seats have a nice criss cross pattern like the 206 GTi - I cant wait to get my car now - wanted to take that one! Alloys on it look really big, alot bigger than the standard 172s! The badge on the a pillars 172 CUP really sets it of and lets everyone know............................

i was wondering about the badge on the door pillar, dunno if it looks a bit tacky. I know what you mean about the wheels looking bigger, see why i want to lower it!? And the colour of the paint is the main factor the car used in making me buy "her" (I am saying mine is a her because I dont like the idea of screwing a bloke, and if shes female and I treat her right then hopefully shell look after me too - lack of ABS scares me a little). Oh dear, I think Ive gone too far, again. :oops:

What to call her though! (had a hard enough time with my current clio!)



benR - have you driven a Cup yet? think you might be surprised in the difference between a Cup and a 172 actually ??!?!!?!?!?