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Clio dci 80 Billabong

Hey all,

I will be a new owner on March 1st (new reg) of a Clio Dynamique Dci80 Billabong. Nice to see a great owners site and very active forum, I am from Birmingham aged 32 (doh!!) so I hope to see anyone from the area cruising around. I think I got the car for a decent price with climate control and electric sunroof for just under 10,000, what do you think. And the colour a really bad Pearl Black....looks so nice!! Anyway just waiting for my sticker, hope to see ya all at a meeting in the near future.....:D

VivJ- yes m8 it has a sticker by the rear arch sill, aluminium door sills with billabong on, chrome dials and door openers and a very nice dark blue coloured center section sport seats, a leather steering wheel and gearknob. Its very tasteful and I believe will sell like very well when its been seen a bit.

But "Quicksilver" sounds quite cool. Billabong sounds like a hole in the ground with some dirty water in it, if you see what I mean?! Does it come with an Aboriginal warrior or something? ;)

Nowt wrong with Billabong clothing! I think the colour is great! But then again, I bought a sunflower yellow one last time (sh!tty gold with non matching bumpers!, but thats another story)

Well done on your purchase mate, if u can get any interior pics would be cool, cheers.

I know the diesel has impressive torque but still..DISEASEAL and cliosport hardly match. My car is pearl black too, and the climate control was a good idea, its v impressive! Welcome...

It could have a million bhp but at the end of the day, its still a diesease. Its in my genes to hate them all!

Animal mistibushi...hmmm a truck clothed as a ultra cool suv..i guess if your in chigwell its tasty.

I dunno, theres a guy near me (Scotland) thats got one with the chrome roll bar, etc, etc and it looks the dogs.

Wouldnt want one myself but they are not bad. Prefer that to the Peugot Quicksilver.

Hang on, talking about clothing companies/car manufacturers combining. Didnt Lacoste do a version of the Fiat Uno?? Or the Panda or something?

OK I think I may be losing the plot but why dont some of you like diesel cars....the facts:

The diesel has more torque, a quicker 0-60 than the 1.2 and close to the 1.4, loads better fuel economy and todays engines you wouldnt know the difference in the engine noise.

So why not, I currently own a Mazda Mx-5 and the torque in the diesel far outways the mazda. I think you need to look at the latest diesels and realise what a superb car it is!!;)
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People are turning up at trackdays in diesels too. I heard that there was a golf diesel quartermiling at York last year too!

Its more funny squeezing the power out of the 1.2!

Diesels still dont sound good thats just dealer spiel!

Im not having a go i just know i couldnt get one..


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the Golf GTI 150PD has a very slightly higher 0-60 time than the 1.8T but bags more torque could probably tow a hippo with one of em. Anyway back to topic nice choice Ian, glad you did not go for that citrus green!! :sick:

I have a Clio 16v "Barbour". It was a rare example of the 16v that came complete with green leather seats, beige corduroy door inserts and dash trim, Yorkshire weave steering wheel and gearknob and a standard-fit Collie dog net in the back.

what about towing two rhinos thou cDc? just that i am moving house soon, and people would think i was a bit wierd walking two rhinos down the road :oops:


you guys say the Diseasel 80 is quicker than the 1.2, and i know the official figures do say this, BUT! look at it this way 5bhp difference, not a lot AT ALL, and the diesel is heavier, alright it has mor torque, but that wont make for a quicker accaleration when u use all of the revs.

Ian, How exactly is that different from standard?

And BenR, Oneal? I much prefer DaKine or billabong, the stuff always seams to last longer.
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having driven a 80bhp DCi..............i would say it is probably quicker than the 1.2 with the torque advantage, but with it being a turbo, its easy to fool you into thinking it is MUCH faster due to its power delivery! Once i collected my car again, i was happier to be able to rev the engine out.........but for tootling about town etc, the DCi is awesome! Had it came with free insurance, i would have had one :D

I Like the interior with the silver inserts, i prefer my extremes interior but it shows dirt really easily, im going to have to get my passenger seat re-done cos its so bad.