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Clio Extreme 4 won't start after fuel ran out!!

  Clio Dynamique SX
Today I started my clio mk2 (Extreme 4) after it not being started for about a week. I drove about 10 feet and then noticed I'd left my wallet so I had to turn off the car and go back, anyway I got back in and it wouldn't start. It makes a horrible clicking noise and it is isn't turning over... I've put some fuel in and it now says 1 bar on the dash and I have also tried to bump start it... (checked the oil and that is fine too) anyone have any ideas? I am totally stuck as I have no knowledge of mechanics what so ever... cheers in advance


ClioSport Club Member
  VW Golf GTD
Yeah sounds like flat battery to me too, why do you think it's ran out of fuel? It hasn't at all as you switched it offf?