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clio factory upgrade OZ rims

what are the rims that renault offer as a factory upgrade for the clio, theyre OZ, look like F1s.

what size are they,

and how much?

would you say they suit the clio better than the standard dynamique rims?

  Lionel Richie

Reno offer then in 14+15inch (they used to be F1s, not sure what they are now!!) I saw a set of 14s in my local dealership with tyres for.......................wait for it...................£750!!!!!!! You can get 17s for that!!!!

but, i cant put aftermarket rims on due to free insurance, am i right?

dont they have to be supplied/fitted by renault in order for them to allow it on the free insurance?

if not, its 17" superleggeras for me!

cup wheels would be nice, i think id go for them. theyre the speeline ones am i right?

i want them! how much would they set me back off renault?