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Clio going.....

  Albi 200
Well i've had my 172 for 6 months now but it looks like its going.

I'm buyinh a Toyota Supra twin turbo!!

gettin £7k for my clio trade in with 25k on the clock

I've had great fun in the Clio but now i get to learn to drive 300bhp and rear wheel drive :D
  Clio 172 mk2
Good luck with the Supra....good drag cars and plenty of potential for massive amounts of power.

Be prepared to be visiting the pumps a hell of a lot more though
  K20 EG Hatch
One of my bro's mates has about a 450bhp one. He was drifiting it the other day. There looks and road presence are just awesome ;)
But he has said he is pretty certain it drinks twice as much fuel as my 182!
  Albi 200
Its an 03 reg FF 172. Didn't think that was a bad price considering I got it for just under 8 six months ago and they gave me £500 off the Supra

Cant wait pick it up in 2 weeks

clio172cup20. yes it is you've obviously mastered reading and writing