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Clio has died :(

  190 BHP Willy 2

The throttle cable and battery cable have been rubbing against each other without me knowing, and has now touched metal to metal and earthed the car out. The battery is dead, throttle cable melted and Renault immobiliser jammed on. Gotta get my car towed to Renault to re-code the keys. I have got to fit a new battery and throttle cable 1st though. Im so happy right now............NOT.

  Hippys bus of LOVE !!!

Quote: Originally posted by 16v Clio on 07 April 2003

Gutted for you mate, bloody renaults!! When will we all learn?
LOL @ 16v Clio :)

Sorry to hear about your car ? when will it be fixed ??
  190 BHP Willy 2

Hopefully im borrowing a recovery lorry from Honda tonight (my best mate is head mechanic) fit battery and throttle cable at home (car is at g/fs 15miles away) then drop it down Renault tonight for them to re-code in the morning and check it out to make sure I havnt got to repair anything else.