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Clio III - 1.2 TCe remap plans! [Advice needed]

  Clio 3 TCE
Hi all,

After I sold my Mitsubishi Colt CZT (150 bhp), I bought recently an Clio 3 ph2 2010 with a rapidish 1.2 TCe engine. I did an dyno last week changed soms NKG iridium plugs, K&N standard filter and 5W40 oil and got 108 bhp and 18nm+ more torque.

Now I want to remap this baby RS, I got the 172/182 injectors. I gonna clean them up later this week..

What can I do more small preparation/change? I noticed some turbo lag sometimes..



ClioSport Club Member
Before you have it remapped with your new injectors, fit a better intercooler and a downpipe, this will let you reach 140-145hp, at which point you have reached the limit of the little turbo with its tiny exhaust housing!