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Clio In Limp Mode

  Clio Sport 172
Evening All,
I have recently brought a Clio Sport 172 2002 But Whilst Driving Along At Any Speed The Dash Board Comes Up With A Light That Looks A Lot Like A Heart Moniter but as soon as the Car Is Re-started It Drives Perfect, Now Another Light Has Appeared Which Is Named As The Toxic Fume Monitering Warning Light?
Does Any Body Have Any Suggestion, Experienced This Problem Or even Been As Lucky To Solve With Out Too Much Cost!
All Help Would Be Greatly Apprichiated :)
  No car
I had this at the start of the year! Its a proper bitsch! In my experience, the first time it came on I didn't know what it was so restarted the car and didn't see it for another week then it started to crop up very often until it came on every time I drove the car. I tried changing the throttle pedal, cleaning the throttle body and none of that worked. In the end I bought a second hand throttle body off CS (£40) and it hasn't come up since!

With regards to the other light (Toxic Fume Monitoring Warning Light) the garage diagnosed my car and they said it was something to do with a solenoid valve but they switched the light off using the diagnostics equipment and that hasn't come up since either!