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clio is under fuelling ?

  CLIO SPORT 172 2002
hi all , right this is gonna take a little time to explain but hope someone can help. had to change my engine on my Clio 172 2002, once changed about 2 months later had to have her in for a MOT. and she failed on co2 emissions because of over fuelling so changed a few sensors and got her running to the right level. but now have the opposite problem, she runs sweet as a nut until i get to 4-5 rpm. if i give it full beans there's not enough fuel going to the engine. when i bought the engine i was told it had uprated cams making it 190 bhp ? i have 2 sets of injectors so i know its not that . anyway of solving my under fuelling problem guys ?
  CLIO Iceberg 172
sounds like a map issue. if you have got cams then the map might have been thrown out with new sensors. just thought. i would get somone to check that the map is doing its job. and also if its the origial ecu from the other engine and u have got cams in this new lump then you deffently need a remap.

all failing that it could be fuel pump. but check map first.