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Clio MK2 1.4 16v High biting point

  Clio 1.4 16v 5dr
Hi guys,

I have posted something similar to this before but recently I've had my clutch replaced, Clutch cable replaced and pedal ratcheting mechanism replaced and the bite point is still high, I k now the biting point is higher than usual cars but the biting point is essentially on the top of the pedal, I would have thought their would have been at least 2 or more inches of travel on the clutch but i feel like I only have an inch of travel at most.

Is this what everyone experiences? Or is my car alone? The clutch replaced is also a transmech one which now looking up doesn't have a lot of good reviews so im also wondering if the new clutch is not helping.



ClioSport Club Member
Transmech clutches are garbage that's probably part of the problem, your right that the bite point is high on them but not right at the top of the pedal travel as your experiencing.