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clio radio help


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Ive just bought an 02 Renault clio Dynamique, and the radio will not work. I know the code needs entering, however. In the manual, when you turn the headunit on, code should appear, followed by 0000. The problem i am getting, is code is appearing, but nothing else. How do i make the 4 zeros appear?

Do i need to take the unit out or is it jammed some how?????

help, i cant stand driving with no music!

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Tell it, u will replace it with an atrac :oops:

Nah, theres one button u gotta press on the radio to make the zeros come up.

I cant remember which one....but it should be in the manual, once you pressed it, you should be able to put the code in.
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on mine they 0000s come up straight away after code. have you tried dissconnecting the battery, as this is the only time it will ask you for the code.
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yeah you can, you spin your wheel to the correct number, then press the button underneath to confirm each one, then at the end press it again so it goes back to the start, then hold that button until the radio comes on. but there are also certain buttons on the HU you can press to do the same.

Dont you have to leave it for a while for the Code to change to 0000 thats if the code has been entered wrong a few times.

did it on mine took ages to come on but eventually did so id leave the HU switched on then leave it for a while see if that works

If CODE is coming up it means that the incorrect code has been entered to many times and the stereo has locked up

If the code is entered wrong it takes 2 minutes to start flashing again - if it is entered wrong twice it takes 4 minutes and so on........

leave your ignition on for as long as possible until the 0000 starts flashing again - then re enter your code.

If you are still struggling pm me and i will go through it with you