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clio rear mdf shelf

ive got a mk1 clio 1.4rt, a 15in sub in the boot & front speakers, no speakers at the back, & ive got the standard clio parcel shelf, will there be a difference in the bass if i get a auto acoustics 18mm mdf shelf? will it sound better or worse? thanx
  H22A7 Accord Type R

Mate, its simple, I got a set of 6x9s, attached a Piece of Chipboard (could use MDF) to the underside of the Existing shelf, this added more rigidity.......bass sounds nice and tight and the wood and bolts only cost a few quid! I then covered the whole shelf with cotton cloth, like that used on the grilles of home hi-fi speakers...........sorted........Rob

It wont rearly add to the bass. It will just make it tighter as it will reduce vibrations from the shelf. This means you can have more power going through the speakers.

It does majorly improve sound quality and is a very underestimated mod. Well worth doing.

Costs very little as well but if it is not the perfect fit then it can bounce around or knock slightly. Best to buy one already done as these fit perfectly.