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Clio RT owners...

Hello all,

My car is going in go a local mechanic on monday and tuesday to get a few bits and bobs done. A while back I saw a thread on people with clios that dont like going into first and second (and sometimes reverse).

Now my first clio rt didnt do this at all, and the gearbox was as smooth as a babys backside... however this one is a real b*****d. Getting it into first and second is pretty much always a chore.

Again, unlike my last clio, the gear lever sits a bit to the right (instead of dead central. Getting into third and fourth is fine... however fifth is a bit too close to central (if that makes sense) and first is a bit too far away!

I have got myself a new clutch cable (was told it could be that..) so am getting the mechanic to look at it. Does anyone know what it is that is causing the really notchy gearbox? (and also does anyone know how easy it is to get the gearknob to sit central?)

Cheers for any help


The fact that you say your gearknob does not sit central indicates the problem to be with the selector shaft out of line. Near the front of the rod is a bolt holding a clamp if you undo this the shaft(and knob) can be moved and realigned . That should also fix the baulking into first and second.
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mine is a 1997 rn and i know for a fact that they do sit off centre.

Mine is fine but i suppose i have a later model

Mines ok, ive never noticed it sitting dramaticaly off center but i do have problems getting into first when its really really cold, especially when im moving slowly, the revs are too low for 2nd but the syncro wont let me go into 1st, i have to stop dead untill itll let me, well annoying!