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clio RT problems

  Clio RT
was having the tracking done at the weekend when we got showered in hot water - the header tank cracked and had a jet coming out of the top of it.

i picked one up from the breakers today and was running it up and realised the fan wasnt cutting in unless you gave it a spin. Got it going properly with a hammer and some WD-40 but the car keeps boiling over before the fan cuts in. I done it about 7 times this evening.

Big fear is that head gasket is kaput but the optimist in me is hoping for a major air lock.

The amount of water it spat out and had replaced i dont think it has any coolant left in it so i stopped for the night. Gonna empty it tomorrow, clean it out and refill it properly with my fingers crossed.

Anyone got any other ideas????

PS - no sludge inside the oil cap at all


  MK7 GTD & Mini GP
im in the same position dude, coolant/water seems to be dissapearing, no sludge in oil cap, fan cuts in fine but gets very very hot!! im hoping for the same, dont want to get the gasket done :(
  Clio RT
havent noticed any problems till it popped the header tank, hasnt been loosing water or anything. I have a another engine at the garage waiting for me but i was hoping to have the money to fully service it and freshen it up before it went in so im hoping mine is good for a few months.

i have spoken to someone and they have said that it could be because my coolant has run out the water is boiling quicker.
Did you bleed the system sounds like you might have a blockage. The temper seor might have got knocked as well or failed.
  Clio RT
is there a bleed point on them??? i had the cap open while running to let the air escape, squeezing the pipes - all the usual's lol
Yeah theres just the one bleed on them, its at the front, at the top of the rad. Try bleeding it again, using a hose pipe so you can clearly see when its coolant coming out not water. Turn the heater on in the car to full temp.

Check the temp sensor wiring nots knackered, cleaned the terminals and all that.

Does the header tank bubble as soon as you start it up?