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Clio Speaker Connector

  Renault Clio 53 1.2
does anyone now where I can the "male" (the bit that plugs into the speaker on a stock renault), as my clio didn't come with rear speakers and want to get the same ones in the front door (pioneer clio fit ones (yellow)) which use the factory connector

is there any where i can buy them, or someone can sell me 2 on here? thanks
  Golf GT & A4 Avant
The yellow pioneer standard Renault fintment speakers are components (seperate mid and tweeter) but without crossovers as they use the renault wiring. What you need in the back is just some standard co axials (2 way), they'll also be cheaper. Then you'll just need to attach spade connectors to the wires then you'll have a much wider variety of speaker to chooes from.

keep the yellow pioneers for the front.
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