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clio sport 166hp


Im new here. I want to say that this website is verry cool! :cool: I can find almost everything about the clio sport..

Though I have a question! I m from Belgium and you can buy here a clio sport with 166PK(HP) or the standard 172PK both same price and same options... This is specially done for the lower taxes you must pay for 166PK!

Ok, so its sheaper to buy the one with 166PK.+ they say that the performance is the same!? :confused:

Can this be true? Or will there be really a difference in 0- 100km/u?(0-62mph)

Does someone know this?

Does someone have such a car?Mayby also from belgium..


Seeing as most of them dont seem to make the full 172 bhp anyway, it is probably just the same engine with a different sticker on it... ;)

Yeah, could be true! :) (hope so..)

I also asked the salesman and he says that you cant feel the difference..

I wonder what they have done for getting it to 166 bhp..


I wonder if that would account for the differences in the mk2s.....maybe they have the Belgian low power map?