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Clio sport 172 power

  Clio sport 172
Hi all, when driving my Clio sport and I'm going flat out in 2, 3, 4 and 5 gears until it gets to about 4000rpm that's when it really takes off, and anything up to then isnt really fast at all, is this normal? I'm only asking because iv never had one of these before so not sure what to expect?
  Clio sport 172
Timing can't be out a the timing belt has only just been done, as long is that's normal I'm happy as I have been told the the clio sports like to rev high to go fast!


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All cars rev high to go fast... ;) well apart form stinky diesels.

If the timing belt has just been done, there's a good chance it could well be out, especially as the '5k kick' normally comes in at, er, 5k.

Anyway, don't worry about it. They're a high revving N/A engine. That's what's supposed to happen !
  Clio sport 172
Cool thanks for clearing that one up! Like I said iv never owned a Renault before nor anything over 100bhp so when I bought my 172 weren't to sure what to expect lol
  Clio sport 172
I have been looking at performance mods! What's the best mod to go for first? So far iv got a race outlet manifold and straight though custom build exhaust system and a induction kit
in regards to mods, have a search in this section, a lot of good advice depending on budget.

Dont expect big things unless you spend big £££'s, bearing in mind that it probably wont be near the 169bhp it should come with out of the factory.