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Clio Sport ;) Warrington

Black - You came into the Shell garage after me about 15 mins ago I'm sure I've seen your car on here... modified a bit.
  Vectra :(
Just spoke to gf, she said she drove past the shell garage but didnt go in, so maybe not my car.

Was it ph1, debadged bonnet, black wheels and ph-quick stickers on side?

If not wasnt me.

I do see you a lot tho steve, usually knocking around birchwood area, i am usually in my vectra tho when i spot you
  Vectra :(
oh no it wasn't then...

I work in Birchwood so yeh you should see me a lot in the stealth machine lol :)

Hmmmm another Black Ph-Quick in warrington :mad: Thought i had the only one. Bugger

Yeah steve if you see a greeny/blue vectra beep at you that will be me
kool - unless I piss someone off ofcourse :rasp:

Have you been to previous meets and seen me? How did you know it was me btw?

The Vectra ur run around?
  Vectra :(
Been to a couple of meets, never seen you at them tho. knew it was you coz think i asked ben_p or ad or someone once after i seen your car at the BP garage birchwood.

Yeah the vectra is my daily drive. I clock up 40k+ miles a year with my job so needs must. Hopefully getting a diesel early next year tho to replace it if funds allow
  Vectra :(
Not in a while mate now you mention it.

I was getting petrol there the other day, guy on the till said " you trying to make your 1.2 clio sound like a porsche, I have a VTR and thats properly quick"

I had to laugh lol