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Clio standard radio question

  ATS CUP'd Dynamique
First of all i would like to say that im a new member and this is my first post, so sorry if i have put it in the wrong section :eek:

I have a 02 reg clio 1.2 dynamique and every so often the standard radio makes a bleep noise and then turns itself off after a couple of seconds. if this is to do with traffic info can it be turned off.

If anyone can explain to me why this happens i would be Grateful,

Soz if this is a dumb question with a simple answer !!!:rasp:


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  VW Golf GTD
Well mine only does it when i have the radio on washing it, switches off every 30 mins, other than that i can't help sorry.
  Carrera 4S. Clio 172. M5
It sounds like the TP is cutting in but I dont understand why its switching the set off.

Have you found the button that toggles the TP on/off, that would be a quick way to check if its that.

Sorry, not familiar with the unit fitted to your car so cant tell you which button.....perhaps another owner can help ???
  Carrera 4S. Clio 172. M5
Ah! well done Rob...

That would be logical. Although the timing seems wrong (too short)
As the cigarette lighter fuse and radio feed are on the same fuse, the set is switching off to preserve the battery (ie: as when Rob is washing his car)

Presumably your set also doesnt switch on with the ignition at the moment ?


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  Merc CLS, TT, 182
There are two live feeds to the radio. When the cars NOT running, it has a feed sent from the battery, the relay cuts the power after 20 minutes. The other power supply, from the ignition, is on the same circuit as the cig lighter. You'll find your only getting one supply, which is why it is cutting out and bleeping. I had the same problem


ClioSport Club Member
  Merc CLS, TT, 182
Changed the cig lighter fuse. Open your pass door, take off the fuse panal cover. Refer to your logbook for cig symbol, replace with correct rated fuse. You'll see the fuse is broken :)