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Clio standing quarter times?

  172, BMW 120 Msport.
Been offered jap rwd that can do 14's all day long.
Just wanted to see how 172/182's compared;)

Thats not to good really, my 200sx did mid 13s all day. And that only had breathing mods.

172-182 should get late 14s early 15s if driven well.


  Clio 200 Cup
I never did it although my previous Mr2 Turbo was somewhere around 13sec, from threads on ITR/S2000/CTR/ATR forums they all range between 14-15 typically so around the same as a hot Clio ;)
Standrad 172 / 182's seem to average 15 seconds. You'll get some freaks hit mid 14's and some mid 15'ers.

Best iv done up to date was a 14.4 @ 99 iirc but never ran it after the 2nd mapping sesh, change of wheels and heavy ice in the bin which im confident would have hit a low 14, mods being pretty much the usual N/A single TB bolt on's and cams