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Clio tyres 14" compatibility

  Clio MK2 1.5dci 65hp
Hi there..
Here we have very bad roads and very high speed bumpers. That is why I want to put higher rather yhen lower tyres on my 1.5 dci clio. Do you know if there is some problems if I put 185/65/14 which is 13mm higher than stock 175/65/14 and 10mm wider. Is there any problems with that. I have many situations with more than 3 people in and have to know if this is problem.. THX in advance. Sorry for my bad English.. it is not my native and I was not good enough in class.. :)
yeah that'll be fine. one of the guys i work with has the same car as yours and he runs 185 / 65 / 14 with no problems, especially with 4 people in the car. no rubbing