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Clio V6 Availability


I have heard that there are around 30 odd Clio V6s sitting unsold and unregistered somewhere in a Renault compound, does anyone know if this is true?

Also can anyone recommend an importer?(Captains Slarty chokes on his beer!)
  Mk4 MX-5, Smart 451

i dont know about the stock at Renault, but Motorpoint have added four brand new V6s to their website this week all at 21,999.



how long do you reckon before they are selling second hand for about £16,000 ????

any predictions guys and gals ?

yeah.... red would look quite cool

the place i bought my 172 from had got a red v6 in as a replacement demonstrator car...

mine was the old demonstrator..

so ill have to give them a ring in 18 months time and see if we can do a deal

At 22k you could spend 2k+ on a pukka flame red paint job - Ive seen a red V6 for sale and it was around 26k....and probably end up with better paintwork than the original!