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Clio V6 Mk2 Race Car

i understand its going to be 28k though , which as nice as it is i want alot more car for that type of money

That is soooooo nice, remember reading an article on the Racing V6 in CCC magazine saying that Renault Sport would sell you a full race spec V6 mk1 for only £28k, which aint a bad price....abit out of most of our leagues, but imagine having the spare cash to be able to buy one as a track day car only.... :)

Matty, the Clio V6s were racing on Saturday but not that one. Mk 1s, that was the only Mk2 we saw.

and maybe all non-members should be banned from the forum due to brain-strain :devilish: besides which it is Sunflower Yellow, not banana yellow, dont u know nothing??????!!!!!! :devilish:

I bow to your lemoness.................:devilish:

pondering..........Is a non-member a eunuch ???

and, Strain, is inversely proportional to the size of the exertion ON the exerted item... and....... Nicole means yellow peril in Mongolian Magin dialect ..! (it IS true... !)

ps.. does MarkC drive a Bananaramamobile too ???? :oops:


I drive the buggy that the banana splits used to drive of in at the end of the show. Sunflower is the best colour and people with three stars more than you must be right, right?

Hiya Mark - well maybe thats a possibility - especially since although they arent going to do the Mk2 V6 in yellow, a certain person at Renault did indicate to me that they may be offering "personalisation" so I may be able to get a yellow one after all !!! But maybe Ill just spend all my saved pennies on the existing yellow peril.

Hope you are well, sozz, not answered email yet - very sloppy!!! :(

Id buy a MK2 v6 if they ever bought them out to OZ :( Maybe you might have one when Im back over there in July next year [:p]

Oh well. i now know nobody loves me cause they never email... lol.. just kidding

you coming back for more????? thought you didnt like it here???? dont go to London this time !!!!! (ohmigod somebody is gonna come on and say - "whats wrong with London then?" !!!)

you happy to have your baby back now? still appreciating it after not having it for so long?

take care - I will email soon - its just that my life is so dull I never have anything to say :(

lol.. spending July next year in france, but might pop across for a visit. (not to mention off to Hong Kong/China on boxing day)

Very happy to have my baby back all working fine :)))))) Yes.. you really appreciate how good the car is after driving a sh*tbox around.

Mark - did you get to work early this morning? 11.35 pm our time is early for you!!

well we would expect you to "pop over" for a visit if you are gonna be there for a whole month - although we may be over there sometime at least in July next year, depending on how things go - K
  Clio v6

I like the rear spoiler and all the decals on the racer and would love to have mine looking like that but I wonder if people would think my car was silly as i dont belong to a racing team.

Dave - yeah, saw ALL the V6 racing of course - just went back now and then to get another picture (it is now my wallpaper on pc at home!!!) and also the GT racing (Vipers and Storms being my favourites I have to say!!) We had a really good day!

yes K.. summer approaching, suns coming up way too early... :( Any why would you want to visit here in winter... brrrrrrrr ;)


  Shiny red R32


I think the wheels on the yellow V6 are Matrix Energy, which are available from Motorsport Wheels.