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Clio V6 wireing diagram needed URGENT!!!!!

i work for them!!!!
and they give me sh*t!!!!
we ahve asked umpteen times to no avail!!


  Shiny red R32

If you work for them surely Renault should provide you with a diagram Ben!!

ben, what exactly do you need to know.. I still think your problem is fuel related BTW..

if you want tech notes on the coolant sensor and fuel injection.. check out reno tns

TN 3175 A

TN 3169 A

(from Dialogys)


i need ot get one to the mechanics as the goin is mainly guess work.

GR, nope they aint givin one...thats supposing they even made one!!!

Hi Ben,

Remember i work for Arrows, linked to TWR who built the damn things!

I will ask some of the boys at work and see what info i can get you. Although im not in work till monday (doh) but am popping in some time this week for some bits.

Roughly, what info are you after, the WHOLE electrical system or a sub-system?

well, basically engine management related.....anything connected to the engine!!!

well, not rev counter and stuff.

On the heads, the rocker covers got me confused!

on the bank nearest the tailgate three is a plastic cover on the inlet cam side, on the bank near the driver, ther is a plastic cover on the exhaust cam side!???

what is it cause its got sensors and stuff etc.

Have you got any idea why the clio V6 is having probs with hot starts? BTW

CHeers matey!!!

p.s. my x-flow is comming along nicely....full race system, N20, still standard carb but ported head with GT valves (took me a few attempts to get even flow)....standard cam as i have not really taken the block apart yet. The pulley that had the prob with disintergrating @ high rpm....the XR2 has a nice solid steel item and doesnt seem to suffer from this. but im gonna get a whole new roller rocker asseblyu for it......porsches are easy prey now! got pics and all!

but a damn turbo nova got by me!!!grrrr

about 100bhp


Ben m8.
there is a limeted amount if things that will cause the problem.

coolant temp sensor... all the appropriate readings are in the reno tech database.

air temp sensor.. same again..

vapour lock....

I really do think the problems are vapour related m8.


i will have to check it myself as there stupid....wont take responsability for anything!!!

anyway, renotech...the computer system we have?...i dont look at it at all, is that what your talking about?