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Clio V6

  Forester Sti, SC Clio V6,

Just modding a V6 for track day use including all the trophy cup gear, sadev box, suspension, engine etc etc and fitting some seats and harnesses.

Anyone put harnesses into a Mk2 Clio - is there a harness bar on the market or do you just run a three point to the rear seat belt anchorage points that are in the shell (not ideal)

Any help appreciated

You lucky lucky so and seriously fair play mate, which i was in a position to run both the cars you have. I seem to remember in a not too long ago back issue of CCC, they had an exellent large article on the Trophy cars with all the spec etc. so maybe there was some info there...I may try to dig it out and scan through it for you if you like, bit tied up today, but will try to in next few days, will post back here if theres any light on the subject.