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Clios on autotrader

I have been looking at the 172/172 cup and 182/182 cup spec guide on the forum, then looking on auto trader there are Clio's stated as being a 172 cup but are black with the basic alloys and headlight washers. The spec guide states that the 172 cup only comes in blue or silver, are the traders trying to pull a fast one, or are just mis-informed? Any help would be great, lookin forward to owning a Clio soon.
  225 Cup & Williams
Most likely a mix of both. As you've said 172 cups only came in blue or silver the latter being the rarest. Some came with air con too.
Re: Clio's on autotrader

Probably just mis-informed.

A lot of people even on here don't know what car they have. The dealers see another car that looks similar so they think it's the same.