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clios with in built sat nav's?

  Renault Clio 1.2
are these rare, did many people buy clio 172s/182s with in built sat nvas on the dash. not, many people show them?
  Mondeo ST220
According to Renault, 77 172s had sat nav and only 42 182s so pretty rare yeah!

iirc, a couple of people have bought the dash after and retrofitted it.
  Renault Clio 1.2
o rite. is that an expensive job, redoing the dash and builidng one in? cus it is a nice bit if kit.
  Mondeo ST220
I imagine it would be quite costly but it does look a lot better. I like the factory fitted look
The MK2 PH2 sat nav dashboards come up on the bay' from time to time but they are uber rare...they'd prob be rather costly from reno too..

Matt Black at specialist reno breakers could prob sort you out too..
  Charged Superleggera
think mike at rentech sold one complete with everything on ebay for like £350 a couple of months ago
  3 MPS, MX5
I had the factory nav in a 172 and it worked ok appart from one trip to Wales where it took me to a farmers gate and I don't think the farmer would have approved me driving through his land.:eek:

I did try and order nav on a 182 54 plated at the time and I was told nav could no longer be ordered as they were having problems. However the same dealer told me I couldn't order a new (to my spec) V6 either on an 05 plate, but later found out other dealers were still taking orders.
The dealer was correct, it was only an option on the early 182's i'd have though that you could have got it on a 54 reg car though.

Incidentally, I know your not saying that they do, no vee has factory fit sat nav.
  Clio 182
Surely the location of the built-in system is a bit naff? That section of the dash is quite offset, would have thought the view of the screen would be obscured a bit from the driving position.

If I was going to get one i'd probably get a tomtom or equivalent, can take it anywhere then.

Of course I don't need a satnav, I am after all a bloke with amazing directional capabilities...! ;-)